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About ACT

ACT is a flexible and active therapeutic framework. It draws on a number of experiences to support flexibility. The importance of values and living them rather than feeling remote from your values. If you are not living your values there is a tendency for disturbance & distress to occur. Sometimes these are not seen but felt experiences. For example; you might know your stressed but not sure why.

ACT recognizes the importance of Mindfulness living and being and how the wandering & wanting mind can lead you too many places and experiences that take you away from where you want to be. How to live life as it is rather than using usually well used & worn out avoidance strategies. ACT teaches how to make room for all of life’s experiences inclusive of the ‘good, bad and the ugly’. ACT also identifies how we can get lost in our thinking and how the mind may require a gentle nudge to bring us to where we are; right now. Always start from where you are!